Solutions for all Fields

Lucius & Baer is the partner-of-choice when precision cannot be compromised.
Our highly customized monitors, visual displays and computer systems meet the needs of the most demanding of clients in the medical, industrial and military technology fields. Whether your application is for precision diagnostics, exacting manufacturing, or monitors and computer systems that are integrated into air, land or water vehicles, our products do not fail.
This is because our solutions are customized to our clients' needs and thoroughly tested before delivery. We produce a wide range of high-precision video monitors, as well as, flat screens and computer systems - matching the optimal solution to your need. We have increasingly focused on industrial applications, providing specialized manufacturing computer systems and PCs.
We specialize in producing small to medium unit quantities. Regardless of the quantity produced, all are designed and tested for continuous, unfaltering operation. Our price-performance ratio is unmatched in the industry.
If you have not yet located a partner to adress your needs, contact us. There is no problem we cannot solve.



Medical Field - Solutions for use in medical applications
Industrial Field - Solutions for use in industrial applications
Military Field - Systems for military applications and harsh environments
Protech - Distribution of embedded boards, backplanes, Panel-PCs, Book-Size PCs