CRT-Replacement - simple substitution of CRT-Monitors by TFT-Displays TFT-Display serie "MULTIVISION"

LUCIUS & BAER GmbH offers with its product line "MULTIVISION" a serial system to replace old CRT-Monitors 1:1 by modern TFT-Displays - for each video-timing.
Below you will find an overview of supported PLC´s.
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"MULTIVISION" was designed to easily integrate modern TFT-Displays in existing machines. The modular structure is one of our advantages. The system consists of:

  • elektronic box
  • display box
  • vertical and horizontal adjustable fixation
  • customized protection glass and front panel
  • CRT-adapter frame to emulate CRT-radius
CRT Replacement [Electronic box]

Inside of the electronic box, we use a free programmable logic device able to store more than 100 different video-timings between 15kHz to 79kHz.

CRT Replacement [Display box]

TFT-Displays from 10.4" to 17.0" can be integrated inside the display box.

CRT Replacement [Vertical and horizontal adjustable fixation]

Due to our flexible fastening bar every vertical and horizontal position can be realised.

CRT Replacement [Customized protection glass and front panel]

There are different types of protection glasses available, e.g. sheet glass, optical and chemical anti-glare glass and shatterproof safety glass.

We design front panels for 19" rack mounting and front mounting according to requested dimensions.

CRT Replacement [CRT-adapter frame]

To emulate CRT-radius we supply optional a CRT-adapter frame.

Overview of supported PLC


"MULTIVISION" supports PLC of all known manufacturers e.g. AGIE, Bosch, Charmilles, Deckel/Maho, Fanuc, Grundig, Mitsubishi, Philips, SIEMENS, Sodick and Traub. Below you will find a list of PLC which are already fully programmed and tested.
Programmings for further types of PLC´s are easy to realize - do not hesitate to contact us..

  • AGIE: 100, AC-Serie, CD-Serie, CF-Serie
  • Bosch
  • Charmilles
  • Deckel/Maho: Dialog 11, Dialog 12, Dialog 112, Dialog 1 bis 4, Millplus, CNC 432-10, CNC532
  • Fanuc: P-Serie, W-Serie
  • Ferromatik: complete product line
  • Grundig
  • Krauss-Maffei: MC2/MC3
  • Mitsubishi: FX10
  • Philips
  • Siemens: Sinumerik
  • Sodick: complete product line
  • Traub: TND 200, TND 400