Industrial Monitors and Computers

Lucius & Baer offers a wide variety of industrial display monitors and industrial computers for industrial applications. We understand different signal timings, connectors and mounting solutions. As a result, we build monitors that meet the demands of the harsh industrial environment.


Each industrial monitor and industrial computer application is customized to exclusively meet your specific need. Whether you are seeking a commercial finish with a chassis monitor, or an open-frame solution...whether you need a front-panel display mounting for a standard 19-inch control cabinet or an enclosed dust-proof, water-proof housing, Lucius & Baer can customize a monitor that will work for you, in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.


Our industrial computers and industrial monitors are fitted with protective glass or plastic, with a variety of touch-screen options available.


Our industrial monitor front-panel designs meet the requirements of IP65, meaning that each is totally protected against dust penetration and low-pressure water penetration from any direction.


We offer 100% mechanically and electrically compatible modern flat-panel display solutions to replace large, old obsolete CRT or CNC monitor applications. By understanding old signal timings, we are able to deliver cost-effective, highly reliable industrial monitors that employ state-of-the-art flat screen technologies.


Our industrial monitor and industrial computer solutions incorporate high quality components that ensure the highest standards of reliability on your production floor.