Medical Monitors

Medical monitor solutions are not found off-the-shelf. At Lucius & Baer, we understand the need to customize and adapt monitors to meet special clinical, diagnostic and surgical needs. Authentic and detailed images cannot be compromised.


We are knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of X-ray diagnostics and surgical microscopy, allowing us to customize your display solutions to specific, stringent requirements. Whether you need monochromatic or colour imaging, we offer high brightness levels, distinctive contrast ratios and stable back-lit LED technologies.


Our medical monitors, even with the most basic of features, offer high-resolution, high-contrast, high colour depth-or optimal gray-scale-representation to give you the visual information that you need.


Analyzing your requirements, we can recommend a panel that will ensure the highest quality display, with a minimum of pixel defaults, essential for critical imaging, especially for surgical applications, where image clarity cannot be compromised.


Our back-lit LED technologies provide stable luminance control and constant high-brightness, ensuring product confidence and longevity. Our medical monitors have the ability to accept standard and high-definition signals from a wide variety of medical imaging modalities and technologies. As an alternative to glass-front panels, a variety of touch-screen technologies also are available.


Committed to quality, Lucius & Baer medical monitors meet all current compliance standards required by the FDA (U.S.) and the Medical Devices Directive (European Union), as well as the International Product Safety Standard for Electrical Medical Equipment (IEC 60601-1).