Rugged Military Computers and Monitors

Harsh environmental conditions place strenuous demands on military display technologies. At Lucius & Baer, we understand your need for uncompromised quality. Our vast experience in the field of military monitors and military computers allows us to develop customized products that meet your most stringent specifications.


Our rugged display technologies comply with shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference (EMI) military standards, even under the most extreme conditions and temperatures. Our customized military monitors and military computers are encased in dust- and water-resistant housings.


During the development phase-well before any of our products are released-we verify compliance in our in-house environmental laboratory to assure your application meets the most stringent standards of quality and performance, under the harshest of conditions. Deficiencies are not tolerated. We verify that all of your requirements are met, and demonstrate compliance with MIL-STD-810, well before your application is released.


At Lucius & Baer, rugged military monitors and military computers consist of only the highest quality components, which include high resolution display panels, a variety of integrated touch-screen technologies-customized to your application, and sunlight readability. As a result, the rugged military monitors and military computers developed and pre-tested in our facilities have some of the highest reliability ratings in the industry.